• Workplace Mindfulness program

    • Introductory workshop

    • Enhancing personal and relational effectiveness

  • Mindfulness programs for public members:

    • Mindfulness: Cultivating Resilience ONLINE

    • MBCT course & Group practice



  •  Executive Coaching - Leadership and competency development

  • Personal Coaching - career & personal development, living with greater fulfillment

  • Mindfulness coaching 1-1 or small group



  • Leadership development workshops

  • Talent assessment & development

  • Harrison Assessments™ Profiling

  • Development of competency model and performance management


Cadence Coaching & Consulting offers coaching, mindfulness programs and organizational development services to support individuals and organizations in their development journey to create sustainable growth, well-being and excellence. 

Tuning in to your inner cadence. Cradling what is to emerge... boundless potential

In Cadence, we believe in addressing the heart of the matter to evoke changes and development that are truly effective and sustainable. Understanding the inner cadences of individuals and organizations, designing interventions that resonate with their inner cadences, and supporting them non-judgmentally in the process is our approach in working with our clients. 


We believe individuals can tap into their reservoirs of resources and potential as unique human beings, to bring about their effectiveness with support and space. With organisations (individuals coming together), we believe in facilitating them to become more alive and awaken to tap into the boundless potential to bring about longer-term people performance and business sustainability.

Samantha Boo

Founder, Cadence Coaching and Consulting

PCC, MSc in I/O Psychology, Postgrad Dip (Edn), BEng (Hons)

Sam is a professional coach, mindfulness facilitator and OD consultant. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in diverse roles, from coaching, consulting, executive search and education to corporate functions in Human Resource, Customer Service, Marketing and Engineering. She is an avid learner and brings with her a vast repertory of functional, business and personal experiences into the services she offered. Sam embraces the uniqueness in each individual and works with them in an integral way to develop skills and way of being to enhance their effectiveness in areas for growth. Besides coaching, Sam enjoys facilitating workshops, especially in topics relating to emotional intelligence and mindfulness. 


"New perspectives emerge from
connecting possibilities..."

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