Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

- An Oxford Mindfulness Centre Programme -

Finding Peace in a Frantic World (FPFW) course is developed for the mainstream by Prof Mark Williams and Chris Cullen of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). It uses the framework of the widely-researched and scientifically-based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course, and is based on the best-selling book, Mindfulness: Finding Peace in Frantic World. The key learning points and practices have been distilled into a shorter format for broader accessibility. This course is a highly accessible, engaging and practical introduction to mindfulness.

FPFW has being taught in community settings, higher education settings, and in workplaces all over the world. Since January 2013 it has been taught to parliamentarians and their staff in the UK Houses of Parliament. It has already reached hundreds of thousands of people and has enormous potential to transform the lives of many more. OMC have already published preliminary studies showing the acceptability and promise of this new course and are undertaking larger and more systematic studies, which will be published in due course. 

What will you learn?

FPFW is an introductory skills-based course that cultivates the following understandings:

  • Mindfulness starts when we recognize the tendency to be on automatic pilot, which can rob us of our potential for living life more fully. We begin to practice stepping out of automatic pilot by bringing mindfulness to aspects of everyday present-moment experience that we might normally overlook.

  • With greater awareness, we begin to notice how often we are lost in our thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness of the body and breathing helps us learn to recognize our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and impulses, gather the scattered mind, and return with appreciation to the here and now.

  • We learn that when our attention is caught up in the past or the future, we can get trapped in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. Mindfulness helps us recognize these automatic reactions, understand them as normal human experiences, and bring kindness and compassion to them.

  • As we cultivate attitudes of interest and friendliness toward all of our experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, we learn skills for keeping our balance through life’s ups and downs, responding skilfully when difficulties arise, engaging with what is most important to us, and opening up to moments of joy, contentment, and gratitude.

  • We learn to have more mindful communication, connections and relationships. 


How does the course support learning?

The course consists of eight 1.5-hour sessions. The sessions cover a combination of guided mindfulness practices (including gentle mindful movements), cognitive exercises, inquiry and group sharing. The course is designed for systematic teaching through building blocks over eight sessions to support participants in their learning. In addition to attending the weekly sessions regularly, participants are encouraged to engage in regular formal and informal home practices of about 20 minutes daily. 

The facilitator is committed to creating an inviting and safe space for participants to show up as they are and to practice together. Everyone is warmly welcomed, regardless of where and how you are in your life journey. This is for you!

Note: The course is not being offered as a treatment for any specific physical or psychological conditions and is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing severe issues in these areas.




Dates (New Run)

Saturdays 2021
- Feb 27: 8.45 to 10.30 am
- Mar 6, 13, 20 & 27,  Apr 10, 17 & 24:    
   8.45 to 10.15 am


S$200* (Special rate)

*There will be some recording of  the sessions strictly for learning/supervision purpose. Confidentiality will be strictly adhered to.

Course Text

(Please obtain a copy before course starts)

Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world
By Prof Mark Williams & Danny Penman

To enquire

Email Sam: shcboo@gmail.com 

Small group size of 8 to 16 participants

Do register early to reserve a place!

What Participants Say:

"While knowing that being present is important, I have never really been able to truly stay in the present... usually pre-occupied with the future and the past. Often one comment by family, friend or colleagues would trouble me for a long time. After attending this course, I think I am really more aware of the present and definitely do not let the one comment escalate to self denial or immense guilt. Many friends thought that mindfulness means keeping the mind blank. It really is not. In fact, it is about being more aware of one's mind and body, and their alignment. This awareness can also be expanded to beyond ourselves. With this awareness, we can approach everyone and everything with more kindness and compassion. This is really liberating! However, I do not think all that I have learnt and will continue to learn is possible without this 8-week course. We are really blessed that the authors of the book and Samantha have broken down all the learnings into digestible and stackable bits to help us in this discovery and continuing practice. Truly thankful and would really recommend this course to anyone living in this frantic world." - Chang Hong

"Despite having attended other mindfulness sessions that Samantha facilitated, I always have takeaways from each course. For this course, I have a deeper appreciation of the importance of turning towards difficult sensations, as well as being more kind to myself. I tend to be a Type A person, always in the action mode to finish my to-do list. Coupled with a tendency to be more critical of myself, it can be mentally and psychologically tiring. As such, learning to accept things as they are, tuning into my body sensations, and practicing kindness to myself are key to my well-being. After listening to Samantha's mindfulness guidance several times, I am better able to internalise her words and her gentle tone to use it whenever I need to find inner peace. I highly recommend everyone to take her course! " - Jia Hui

Facilitator: Samantha Boo
Sam is an Executive And Life Coach, OD Consultant and Facilitator
with more than 30 years of professional experience in diverse
roles, from coaching, consulting, executive search and education
to corporate functions in Human Resource, Customer Service,
Marketing and Engineering.
An avid learner with a beginner’s mind, Sam is continually learning, be it about new pathways or being in life. The more she learns, the more she discovers the wondrous wisdom and gift offered by experts in the world as well as that which is within us. Mindfulness has always been the foundation of her work in coaching and leadership development. She has witnessed how individuals transform, live with more ease and flourish when they become aware of their habitual ways and being able to make conscious choices in how they relate and respond to themselves, others and difficult situations. Grateful for how the work has helped her to live a more purposeful and integrated life, she is thrilled to offer this gift to others.
Sam has conducted various workshops and group practices in mindfulness, including online courses for corporate and public members recently. She has also conducted two runs of MBCT under supervision as well as Finding peace in a frantic world for school teachers. Below are the training she has attended.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Foundational Teacher Training

Masterclass in Teaching Methods of Mindfulness at the Workplace

Masterclass in Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Masterclass in Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-Life)

Masterclass in Mindfulness: Taking it Further

Masterclass in Research and Evaluation

Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: MBCT/MBSR Foundations Online Retreat

Other relevant training

Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness and Biofeedback

Leadership Embodiment I

Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop

Yin Yoga Workshop

View her full profile- https://www.cadenceconsulting.com.sg/about-us

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