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Why Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching facilitates developmental changes through building competence and way of being that enhance the individual's effectiveness and capacity to better respond to their life (professional and/or personal) circumstances. The approach aims to leave people with greater self-awareness, the ability to self-correct and the competence in being self-generating so that the development is more sustainable.

The work is integral as we attend to the whole person (head, heart and body) and the individuality as well as the social context in which the individual is embedded. Our individuality includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is happening to us physiologically. Our social context includes the language(s) we speak, the culturally specific practices we engage in, the relationships we are a part of and the history of the groups we belong to. Additionally, we are always in a shared physical environment that includes nature and human artifacts, and our background, sense of possibility and our mood are shaped by the physical space we’re in. [Extract from]

Working one-on-one, we partners with clients to identify the new behaviors they want to practice, and work together to implement a plan of action designed to achieve sustainable change, and an increased sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Executive Coaching 

Our executive coaching applications include (examples):

  • Leadership presence

  • Communicating and influencing more powerfully

  • Relating to and engaging teams

  • Leading and developing teams

  • Being more authentic and connected in relationships

  • Making choices that align with our values, beliefs, and existing personal and/or professional circumstances


Personal Coaching 

Our personal coaching applications include (examples):

  • Enhancing personal effectiveness, confidence, composure and well-being

  • Seeking greater balance and integration in life

  • Being more authentic and connected in relationships

  • Identifying new directions/goals, discovering strengths and derailers, and bringing forth your value proposition

  • Preparing for career transition or other life change

Mindfulness Coaching 

Available as 1:1 or small group to support individuals in enhancing their mind-body potential and ​living with greater mindfulness, authenticity and purpose.

"Beyond the dark clouds, light is waiting to shine through. Persevere..."


“In spaciousness, there is no separation, there is only beauty and love."

Quotes and pictures by Samantha Boo


“ In silence, you come home to vastness and spaciousness."

“ No matter how big the waves are, they will subside to placid water. Allow..."

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