The two arcs (Cs) with the dots represent a safe and supportive space for our clients. The heartbeat represents Cadence's methodology in designing solutions that connect with the inner cadences (rhythmic flow) of individuals and organizations.

Cadence Coaching & Consulting offers coaching, mindfulness programs and organizational development services to support individuals and organizations in their development journey to create sustainable growth, well-being and excellence. 

Tuning in to your inner cadence. Cradling what is to emerge... boundless potential

In Cadence, we believe in addressing the heart of the matter to evoke changes and development that are truly effective and sustainable. Understanding the inner cadences of individuals and organizations, designing interventions that resonate with their inner cadences, and supporting them non-judgmentally in the process is our approach in working with our clients. 


We believe individuals can tap into their reservoirs of resources and potential as unique human beings, to bring about their effectiveness with support and space. With organisations (individuals coming together), we believe in facilitating them to become more alive and awaken to tap into the boundless potential to bring about longer-term people performance and business sustainability.


  • MSc in Organizational Psychology, City University of New York

  • Postgrad Dip in Education, NIE/NTU

  • BEng (Hons), University of Queensland, Australia


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

  • Advanced Coaching with Enneagram 2.0, The Enneagram in Business

  • Integral Coach, New Ventures West

  • Certified Profiler of Harrison Assessments

  • Certified in Mentor Leadership Battery

Other Trainings

  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Foundational Teacher Training

  • Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)

  • Teaching Methods of Mindfulness at the Workplace

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

  • Mindfulness and Biofeedback

  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

  • Embodied Enneagram & enneagram studies

  • Authentic Movement & the Art of Witnessing

  • Leadership Embodiment I

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop

  • Yin Yoga Workshop

SAMANTHA BOO, Founder of Cadence Coaching & Consulting 

Sam is a professional coach, OD consultant and facilitator. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in diverse roles, from coaching, consulting, executive search and education to corporate functions in Human Resource, Customer Service, Marketing and Engineering. She is an avid learner and brings with her a vast repertory of functional, business and personal experiences into the services she offered. Sam embraces the uniqueness in each individual and works with them in an integral way (Mind, Heart & Body) to develop skills and way of being to enhance their effectiveness in areas for their personal growth. Her gift of holding the space for her clients to be open and vulnerable, and ability to connect deeply with them as well as astute observation and creative program design, are powerful invitation for transformation to happen. 

Samantha has coached senior leaders including Regional Director, Sales Director, Business Controller, VPs & GMs in topics such as people engagement, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership presence, self leadership, discovering strengths and derailers. She has also coached middle managers in developing managerial competencies and self-confidence. Her diverse background and experience allows her to be very agile in adapting to the needs of the client organization. She has experience using inputs from various profiling tools, 360 feedback, interviews, team survey and observations at meetings in approaching the coaching assignments.

Sam has experience working with a wide range of people from different countries and disciplines, and of diverse background and cultures. Besides coaching, Sam enjoys facilitating workshops, especially in topics relating to emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Mindfulness has always been the foundation of her work in coaching and leadership development. She has witnessed how individuals become more aware of themselves and others, and feel much more at ease, empowered and liberated when they can make conscious choices in how they want to respond moment to moment. Sam is grateful how the work has also helped her to live a more purposeful and integrated life and is thrilled to be able to add mindfulness courses in her offerings.

For leisure, she enjoys going on meditation retreats, sightseeing overseas, nature walk and arts & crafts. Her two fur babies, Kenzo and Kimi are her daily joy.


American, European and Japanese MNCs, Statutory Boards and Individuals 


Aligning to the organizational vision and strategic goals, we employ a systemic approach to facilitate the individual's or organization's transformation journey. 

Broadly, the four stages are:

1. Creating motivations - conducting diagnosis/assessments, soliciting feedback, etc.  as opening for change

2. Enabling conditions - creating an inviting environment and building relationships to support impending change

3. Designing and implementing interventions or programmes

4. Reinforcing change - having framework, processes and practices to support new behaviours



  • Speaking what one is truthfully thinking, feeling and sensing in service of the client

  • Courageous in addressing real needs and doing what is helpful even if its unpleasant

  • Delivering all commitments heart-fully



  • Putting the client's best interests first

  • Supporting people to live congruent and purposeful lives

  • Diligent in knowledge transfer to help the client build capability and sustainability



  • Relentless in striving for better and more effective solutions

  • Constantly challenging ourselves to generate more creative ideas to facilitate learning and change

  • Continuously updating and developing ourselves

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