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What Participants Say? 

From the eight-session "Finding Peace in a Frantic World" (Online)


"While knowing that being present is important, I have never really been able to truly stay present. Often one comment by family, friends or colleagues would bother me for a long time. After attending this course, I am really more aware of the present and definitely do not let the one comment escalate to self denial or immense guilt. Many friends thought that mindfulness means keeping the mind blank. It is not. In fact, it is about being more aware of one's mind and body, and their alignment. This awareness can also be expanded to beyond ourselves. With this awareness, we can approach everyone and everything with more kindness and compassion. This is really liberating! However, I do not think all that I have learnt and will continue to learn is possible without this 8-week course. The authors of the book and Sam have broken down all the learnings into digestible and stackable bits to help us in this discovery and continuing practice. Truly thankful and would really recommend this course to anyone living in this frantic world." - Woo Chang Hong

"Through this course, I gained deeper appreciation of the importance of turning towards difficulties and to be kinder to myself. I have the tendency to be in the doing mode and often kept myself busy with to-do lists and thinking. Coupled with a tendency to be self-critical, it can be mentally tiring. Engaging the course and with gentle reminders from Sam, I am more able to take a pause, breathe and tune into my body sensations to have direct experience of the present moments. I am also learning to accept things as they are and practicing kindness to myself. Sam is an authentic coach and mindfulness teacher who genuinely cares for her participants. Her warmth and sincerity, as well as, her unique way of knowing how to reach out to you touches my heart in ways that I did not expect. I strongly encourage you to attend her sessions to be in touch with yourself in this busy world. " - Huang Jia Hui

"I am thankful for the connection with the group which allow us to be open and authentic in sharing our experiences in the moment, even in a virtual platform. It has motivated and supported me to continue to come to class and to practice. The most invaluable benefit I gained from this course is that it has shifted my perspective that I indeed have choices, and that I need not be held ransom by my narrow thoughts which are not facts anyway. The 'habit releasers' practice has gotten me curious and be more open to explore options to respond the situations that arise, and this is liberating!" - Janice Ong


From the eight-session MBCT course

"The MBCT course definitely exceeded my expectations. When I decided to join the course, I knew that I will benefit from it, mainly because I had worked with Samantha before and she has being a big support to my personal growth, but I never imagined the impact this program would have in my life. Not only I learnt more about what is mindfulness and practice meditation, I developed a new way to connect with my body, emotions and thoughts - my whole self, and that has been a life-changer! It has helped me to be less reactive, less judgmental and hard with myself. I am learning to sit with my feelings and thoughts, and with whatever difficult situations I am confronted with. While I may not be able to change the situations I am in at times, I am mindful that I can change the way I respond to them. I feel I have gained more inner strength, resilience and peace with myself after doing this course." - Alma Gomez, Yoga Teacher

"The course more than met my expectations. The sessions allowed me to enjoy me-time, which is difficult to find in my hectic lifestyle and I really enjoyed the time exploring my feelings, thoughts and automatic bodily reactions. Becoming aware of these gives me a sense of control, and be more confident in managing uncomfortable feelings or simply stay with them and let them go. Overall, it is truly beneficial for my personal development and I am still diligently using the tools they provided. I believe it has very long term positive impact, knowing that you can go back to these practices whenever you need! Big thanks to Samantha and Constance who created a comfortable setting and their professional guidance through the course! " - Xuejuan, Business Analyst

"Through this course I gained a clear understanding of what mindfulness is. I am in awe of the creativity and thoughtfulness of the curriculum. It is more than just meditation, the processes help us to cultivate qualities of patience and kindness towards ourselves and others. People may think this is more for Buddhists but it is not. The practices helped me to work with difficult situations, stay calm & peaceful both at work and home. I am able to integrate what I have learnt in the course into my daily life!" - Gillian Tan, President, APAC, Marmon Cornelius Singapore Pte Ltd

​"It enhanced my life as the tools learnt offer me a way to noticing and working with my wandering mind." - Participant​


"It helped me to relax my body when I am tense at work. My mind is clearer and I am able to think better." - Participant

mbct participants.png

From one-day "Towards Mindful Living" workshop

"The workshop really helps and teaches me how to slow down and relax. The whole experience was very comfortable and enriching. It is suitable for people from all walks of life, capability and age." - Michael Lau, Senior Regional Marketing Specialist, Axis Communications (S) Pte Ltd  

"A very professional approach towards mindful living; no-cost methods creating very powerful values in our daily lives. It brought to my attention little things we often take for granted. The variety of practical practices and diversity of participants provide a lot of learning. I can easily integrate the practices into my daily lives." - Gillian Tan, President, APAC,  Marmon Cornelius Singapore Pte Ltd​

"It was a good pause & reflection session for me. It had me become more aware to listen more and talk less." - Joyce Cher, Business Development Manager.
"The experience actually allows me to feel very calm. I am a very fast person, and this really made me feel good and refreshed." - Jenny Peh
"The workshop created a safe place for us to do the practices." - Roshan & Amanda
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Participants from four-session online courses

"Good pace and appropriately spaced out. Also the notes before the sessions are useful to get an understanding before the start of the session."

"Having a dedicated time to practice mindfulness with a great facilitator really helps me stay calm and grounded. Sam is authentic and caring, and she goes the extra mile to help us. Her voice is calm and soothing, and she speaks with an even tone - this helps us go into the relaxed mode easily." 


"This course has helped me to be more aware of my surroundings & taking care of my body better. I also learn how to cope better with increasing stress levels and cultivate more patience." Wonderful introduction of the different mindfulness practices. Provided helpful guidance based on the participants experience in the practices"

"Makes me more aware of my body sensations in a situation and realize the ability to reduce the emotional intensity if I wanted to."


"This training helps me maintain a balance during this WFH Covid 19 period."

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