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Sam is a great coach. She has the ability to make you digest and realise the reality of life with many different views. Can never forget the magnitude of feeling of the word "open your heart”!

-    Wong Wai King, Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, Axis Communications

"Coaching with Sam has been very empowering for me as Sam is always very present in listening to me, and would ask me to listen to my heart as well as ask me powerful questions for me to gain insights. I discovered a lot about myself through understanding my Enneagram type, which in my case has a tendency to exemplify the desire to be in my best self and often neglect taking care of myself. I recalled in my first coaching session, Sam introduced the breathing and relaxation exercises which were very helpful in keeping my body stamina in check. This has helped me a long way in my busy travelling schedule and presentations for employees as well as during customers' workshops in Mars and Danone China. Sam is also very creative in taking our coaching session to the Botanic Gardens. I benefited a lot from having a walk in nature and doing creative journals. I would strongly recommend coaching with Sam as I am sure that you will enjoy and benefit from her support in your developmental journey."   

-   Yong Wee Liau, Managing Director, Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd

"Coaching with Sam has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Sam is highly professional and organized. She displayed deep listening skills which was very supportive for me. Her coaching program was very holistic and I gained greater capacity in dealing with challenges that I was confronted with both at work and in my personal life. I am amazed that the development I gained through the coaching is sustainable beyond the coaching engagement. I now have the capacity to accept things that I can’t control with serenity and greater courage to change the things that I can. This inner peace is very precious to me."

 -    Wendy Lim, Supply Chain Manager, Ultra Clean Technology

"Sam is a truly professional coach who has the knowledge and rich experience in designing a program to suit individual’s development needs. As a newly promoted people manager, I have greatly benefited from her program where I learnt how to conduct difficult conversations with co-workers and subordinates, effectively communicate with organization’s authoritative figures as well as manage challenges and difficult situations in the workplace. Besides work, the coaching program to me was also a fantastic journey of self-discovery. I learnt mindfulness practices that helped me to relax from the fast-paced working environment and to stay clear and focused on what is needed in the present. I highly recommend Samantha to any organization or individual seeking a coach for leadership or personal development. 

-    Steven Zhou, Supply Chain Manager, Ultra Clean Technology

"Samantha has been an incredible coach: she is someone who has displayed patience and empathy in her practice and has provided critical perspectives during our coaching sessions together. She is also someone who goes over and beyond to ensure that we draw out the most from our sessions: she curated relevant content, personalised activities and recommended practices that I could do on a daily basis so that I can achieve my personal goals. In particular, I appreciate that she would drop in personal emails to check on how I was doing, and she never failed to connect relationally before zooming into the topic of discussion for that particular meet-up. After this programme, I feel that I understand myself better in terms of how I think and feel. She has also provided me practical handles on how I can fulfill my role in my current organisation better as an employee and also in terms of my personal outlook of a career. If you’re looking for someone who is relational, personal and professional, do connect with Samantha! 

-    Daniel Tay, Halogen Foundation Singapore

"Sam struck me as someone with amazingly acute observations. In our coaching sessions, she regularly asked insightful questions that prompted me to think from new perspectives. Her patient, non-judging, and caring manner encouraged me to pause, reflect, and explore deeper into the issues I face. Without her gentle inquiry, I would have remained stuck in my old ways. Her mindfulness skills and knowledge in yoga were a bonus. Often times, when I get caught up with my negative or unhelpful thinking, I would remember her invitation to pay attention to my body and open up my chest, allowing more spaciousness so that I can better embrace the difficult emotion and situation. Sam’s vulnerability also left an impression on me – it helped me feel less lonely. The ultimate X factor that she possesses which differentiates her from many coaches is her genuine care for me as an individual and her ability to hold the space for me as a coachee. I feel safe and was able to rest upon her support to work on undoing my habitual thinking and behaviors. I strongly recommend Sam as a coach given her many positive attributes, her genuine care and her ability to gently prod you to be a better individual."

                    -  Huang Jia Hui, Tutor

"Samantha was our consultant for a number of assignments, including, talent assessment, profiling, team effectiveness survey and leadership development workshops. Her assuming the role as a Transition HR Manager with us to revamp our HR department was impactful and we have benefited a lot from it. Her work was highly professional and was highly appreciated by the management as well as all employees in our company. As a coach, I was pleasantly surprised with her approach of working with me in a very integral way, offering me practices to support my development in all the three centres - mind, body and heart. She is very sincere, supportive and diligent in facilitating the program."  

                    - Lee OT, Regional Director, Axis Communications (S) Pte Ltd

"I have the pleasure to work with Samantha on several OD programs for the company. She has been the executive coach for the management team and have facilitated several developmental workshops for the teams. Her active listening and non-judgmental way of engaging the individuals allow us to be open and vulnerable to express our thoughts and feelings. The activities and practices that she invites us into enable us to tune in to ourselves and enhance our self-awareness for personal development. She is able to pinpoint the actual issues that hinder personal growth and enable the individual to open up their mind and heart. Samantha is committed to the individuals' development and would continue to stay in touch with the coaching client even after the coaching program has ended. A truly authentic and sincere coach and consultant to work with."

                    - Danielle Mok, Senior HR Manager, Ultra Clean Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

"Samantha was my coach for leadership development. I have benefited beyond the workplace context from the program. She supported me in gaining insights of my own hindrances and empowered me to work with who I am. After the program ended, she continued to contact me periodically to find out how I was doing, manifesting genuine commitment to see me improve. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend two different workshops she organised in 2015 and I had gained tremendously from these workshops on the importance of teamwork & communication as well as practicing being present and listening actively in conversations. I highly recommend Samantha to anyone who would like to develop their career and beyond."

- Alex Liu, Manager, Additive Manufacturing & Engineering, Ultra Clean Technology

"Sam was my coach and her qualities of a coach was demonstrated through our sessions. Sam was sincere in wanting to help me and her patience and ability to hold space for me to unfold was a quality not many coaches possess. I would recommend Sam to all those who wants to work with a coach and really get to the bottom of your issues in a gentle and assertive way."

-    Doreen Goh, Executive Coach/Consultant, CERISS

"I have benefited greatly from Sam's coaching program. Her presence, patience and unwavering support throughout the program has helped me to be more effective at work, and in taking care of my personal well-being. She always amazed me with her insightful observations and creative sessions. I was able to see new possibilities in myself and feel much more liberated and energetic from her coaching. "                        

- Janice Ong, HR Manager, Government Technology Agency

"I have benefited tremendously from Sam's coaching programs. Initially, my intention was just to improve my resume and interviewing skills with the first program, and it amazes me to look back and see how far I have come since then. After two programs over the past few years, I have not only improved on aspects of my career skills, but also gained greater access and balance to the different aspects of my life. The practices designed were well-integrated into my life and helped me to be more grounded in dealing with my challenges. I achieved a deeper sense of self-awareness, and also feel more empowered to make choices to take care of what is important and helpful to me. Sam's knowledge of the different development tools that one can use to discover more about themselves is very helpful. She is able to explain succinctly, in that person's context, what their test results mean and how they relate to their work or personal life. Also, her ability to spot key details and glean insights during our coaching sessions really helped me to pause and take a step back to see the connections in the bigger picture. Sam's support has been invaluable and, having experienced the growth and development and seeing the results for myself, I strongly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is keen to develop themselves."

- Ang KJ, HR Development Executive, Sengkang Health Pte Ltd

"Samantha has worked with me as a career coach. She is a true professional and has contributed greatly in helping me clarifying my job search objectives and strengthening my action plan. She is a true listener and capable of analysing the problem in a holistic manner. Samantha is very effective and responsive, she always provides global recommendations that have proven to be pertinent and useful."

- Francois Tocquet, Sales & Marketing Professional, Healthcare & Medical Devices Industry


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