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Performance conversations are carried out to provide feedback on work performance to facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. It is a very critical aspect in people management and also one that most leaders find difficult when it is about unsatisfactory performance. What triggers receivers into “fight or flight” responses? How can you make performance conversations more constructive and effective for your staff? 

Workshop Outline

 In this one-day workshop, you will gain deeper understanding of your own challenges in carrying out performance conversations and learn ways to work with them. You learn practices that support your ability to stay calm and centred amidst emotions that may arise in such conversations. Learning and applying relevant skills from best practices in preparing and conducting the conversations.

The topics covered include:

  • Uncovering what makes performance conversations difficult

  • Exploring what are the triggers for defensive or difficult responses from our receivers to our feedback

  • Learning how to minimise the triggers and optimise the communication process

  • Learning skills in giving feedback

  • Identifying and managing ours and receivers’ emotions


Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn what are the triggers of our receivers that make performance conversations difficult and ways to minimise them

  • You will learn and practise skills in giving feedback so as to better motivate receivers into action

For Whom

People Managers, Leaders, HR practitioners and anyone keen to learn about conducting performance conversations or giving feedback effectively

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