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People managers have a crucial role to play in inspiring and leading team members to deliver team performance so as to achieve organizational success and sustainability. What does it take to reframe from ‘I’ to ‘We’, moving from individual to collective effort and outcomes? How can you communicate effectively, and manage assertively so that your team is engaged and inspired into action? 

Workshop Outline

This two-days workshop creates a conducive environment for participants to learn, inquire and experience what enables you to be effective people managers. Apart from understanding the key facets of people management, you will practice skills in effective communication, coaching on-the-job and performance management. 

The topics covered include:

Your role as a people manager

  • Transiting to a people management role 

  • Roles and responsibilities of a people manager

  • Cultivating the qualities of an effective people manager


Delegation and coaching on-the-job

  • Delegation and empowerment 

  • What, when and how to delegate

  • Importance of coaching on-the-job


Communicating effectively 

  • Understanding the different thinking preferences

  • Components of the communication process

  • Discovering your listening skills

  • Speaking empathetically and assertively


Managing for performance

  • Performance management process

  • Setting goals and communicating expectations

  • Giving feedback on performance

  • Managing performance issues assertively


For Whom
People Managers, Team Leaders, anyone wanting to work more effectively with others at the workplace & HR Professionals

About the Facilitator

Samantha is the Managing Consultant of Cadence Coaching & Consulting. A Certified Coach and experienced Consultant and Facilitator, she brings with her more than 30 years of professional experience in diverse career roles, from consulting, coaching, executive search, education to corporate functions in Human Resource, Customer Service and Engineering. She is especially attuned to working with leaders in developing their people engagement and

communication skills. Her experience and training in multi-disciplinary fields including, integral coaching, IO Psychology and Education, enable her to understand the dynamics of teams, the challenges leaders are confronted with, and the nature of human development and engagement.

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