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The importance of employee engagement cannot be overstated. An engaged workforce is one that drives better organizational performance, has less staff turnover, higher customers retention and more profitable or cost-effective. Most importantly, engaged employees are happier, both at work and in their lives. People managers play a very crucial role in employee engagement.
What drives engagement? What are the touch points in engaging the team? What are the various conversations and essential skills that support people managers in engaging their teams? 

Workshop Outline

This two-days workshop creates a conducive environment for participants to learn and inquire how to better engage your team. Apart from learning the skills, you will  be practicing the skills on the case studies (relevant to you) and obtaining feedback to better hone your skills and further develop your competencies as a people manager.

The topics covered include:

What drives engagement?

  • The experience of engagement 

  • Drivers of employee engagement and ERG Theory of Motivation

  • Touch-points in engaging the team


Inspiring team members to be on board

  • Communicating your vision/purpose - the WHY

  • Creating a pathway to support the HOW & WHAT

  • Calibrating mutual understanding

Engaging in different types of conversations

  • Conversations for relationship, possibilities, action and learning

  • Difficult conversations

    • Neurobiology of emotions

    • Identifying and expressing feelings

    • Working with emotions

Facilitating meetings

  • Essential skills of an effective facilitator

  • Building rapport, listening and observation, asking questions 

  • Taking care of group dynamics


For Whom
People Managers and Leaders, Professionals interested in learning about engaging others.

About the Facilitator

Samantha is the Managing Consultant of Cadence Coaching & Consulting. A Certified Coach and experienced Consultant and Facilitator, she brings with her more than 30 years of professional experience in diverse career roles, from consulting, coaching, executive search, education to corporate functions in Human Resource, Customer Service and Engineering. She is especially attuned to working with leaders in developing their people engagement and

communication skills. Her experience and training in multi-disciplinary fields including, integral coaching, IO Psychology and Education, enable her to understand the dynamics of teams, the challenges leaders are confronted with, and the nature of human development and engagement.

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