• Samantha Boo

Transiting from "I" to "We"

The fundamental change moving from an individual contributor to a people manager is that of a paradigm shift to think and act as a collective unit, oriented towards team goals ("WE") versus that of an individual ("I"). The authority and responsibility accorded to a people manager, comes with accountability, and expectations to preform multiple roles such as cheer leader, people developer, negotiator, and role model to name a few. These roles requires very different skill-sets from that which an individual may possess to be successful as an individual contributor.

Rewarding individual contributors for their excellent performance by promoting them to people managers seems a natural progression, especially if there is no other career progression track. However, this can be a dis-service to them and their teams if they are not prepared, ready and supported to transit to "WE" as people managers.

In the two-day workshop on Transiting from "I" to "We" as people managers, participants will learn, inquire and experience what enables them to be effective people managers. Apart from understanding the key facets of people management, they will practice skills in effective communication and performance management.

What differentiates this workshop from other skills training, is that it is oriented towards development of helpful qualities for people managers, than providing a toolkit. One example of qualities is GENEROSITY which may not be in the KPIs but is much longed by team members. Being an Integral Coach, I bring a more developmental approach to the training workshop.

Next run of this public workshop is 3 & 4 July 2017. Register by 1 Jun for early bird discount. More info at https://www.cadenceconsulting.com.sg/workshop-transitingfromi2we


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