• Samantha Boo

Developing Others

Developing Others is a core leadership competency that is readily accepted but may not be so readily deployed. Often, talent development programs in organizations are targeted at high potentials, for good reasons. However, this potentially can be very demotivating for the majority of the performing employees, who do not have access to those programs nor development from their leaders, leading them to feel unappreciated and stagnant in their professional life. How can leaders better support the development of their team members or employees, beyond the formal talent development programs?

Developing others as a competency can broadly be defined as fostering the development of others by providing a supportive environment for enhanced performance and professional growth. A supportive environment or culture is one which leaders engage their employees in learning and development - giving feedback, coaching and mentoring. It is also one which leaders champion empowerment and curiosity - encouraging employees to take initiatives, be willing to think out-of-box and question status quo, and be willing to accept mistakes/failures while learning from them. Like a lighthouse, a leader helps employees navigate their way by shining the light to their obstacles.

I have met many leaders who are well aware of the importance of developing others and have a sincere wish to do so but may lack the capacity and development in coaching skills to be effective at it. I am hence motivated to offer a developmental workshop on 'Leaders as Coaches and Mentors' to offer leaders a supportive space to learn and practice coaching skills as well as to identify their own development needs as coaches and mentors. Given that leaders have many competing priorities, I have spend quite a lot of time to create a simple (not necessarily easy) coaching model 'POISE' to facilitate the learning. I aspire for them to coach with more ease, and to feel more empowered and curious!

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